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10 Benefits of Organic Probiotic Supplements


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If you haven't already heard about the amazing benefits of probiotic supplements, it's time you learned. Probiotics are a type of bacteria that live in your gut. This may not sound like a good thing, but they are actually beneficial to your health in a lot of ways. Probiotics like those found in Nutratrek's sugar-free, organic Probiotic Gummies are healthy for the whole family, ages 2 and up.

What are the main reasons people take organic probiotic gummies?

  • Digestive disorders – The most well-known benefit of probiotics is their ability to enhance digestive function. Research has shown that probiotics may treat specific diseases or conditions by restoring normal bacteria microflora and improving the function of the GI tract.
  • Reduce diarrhea – Probiotics can help prevent diarrhea caused by infections, antibiotics, and irritable bowel syndrome. One study found that children in daycare settings suffered from less diarrhea as well as fewer upper respiratory infections when treated with probiotics.
  • Immune system boost – There is a lot of research regarding probiotics improving the diversity and overall efficacy of immune cells. About 70% of our immune system cells live in the lymphatic tissue of the but. Research shows that probiotics and prebiotics work together most effectively to help boost the immune system. Did you know that Nutratrek's probiotics also contain prebiotics?
  • Speed illness recovery – In addition to decreasing the risk of developing infections, probiotics can help the body recover from current illnesses. One study indicated that probiotic bacteria improved the survival rates of mice who suffered from the pneumonia virus.
  • Protect against colds and flu – When used alongside micronutrients like vitamin E, selenium, and iron, probiotics are especially good at boosting the production of antibodies and other infection-fighting compounds. One study found that probiotics along with multivitamins and minerals reduced the duration of the common cold and flu by two full days compared to just taking the multivitamins and minerals.
  • Kill GI infections – Pathogenic bacteria and yeasts can grow out of control when your gut bacteria become unbalanced. This can lead to GI infections with nasty symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, constipation, indigestion, and more. This often happens to travelers. Probiotics have been found to inhibit pathogenic bacteria from adhering to the gut, stopping disease-causing bacteria from colonizing in the intestine and preventing infection.
  • Enhance absorption of nutrients – It's important that the body is able to digest the healthy foods that people eat. That's one of the jobs of healthy gut bacteria. People who suffer from Crohn's disease and other bowel disorders often have trouble absorbing nutrients from food. Scientists have found that probiotics and prebiotics aid the absorption of micronutrients including vitamins and minerals from the foods that we eat.
  • Restore gut function – Probiotic gummies can help introduce new, beneficial bacterial strains to the intestine and boost the diversity of the healthy bacteria. This adds extra disease-fighting immune cells to the gut. Research shows that taking probiotics as part of your daily diet may even help protect against inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis.
  • Reduce gas and bloating – Intestinal gas can often be caused by bad bacteria in the gut causing food to ferment badly. It's the “good” bacteria that swallows up the gas that we produce naturally each day. The more friendly bacteria we have, the less gas. Scientists aren't sure how it works, but probiotics can reduce gas production in the gut.
  • Protect against antibiotic resistance – The World Health Organization states that one of the most serious health threats is the resistance to antibiotics resulting from the overuse of antibiotics for minor ailments. This has allowed bacteria to adapt to the drugs. Research indicates that probiotics may be the answer to this problem by reducing the need for antibiotics.

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