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Does Turmeric Help With Allergies?


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Does Turmeric Help With Allergies?

If you suffer bouts of sneezing and coughing during a particular time of year, every year, you probably suffer from seasonal allergies. People with seasonal allergies can suffer from a variety of symptoms, such as stuffed up or runny noses, itchy eyes, itchy skin, and a general feeling of fatigue and fogginess in the brain. While there are allergy medicines available, many of them cause drowsiness, which is not helpful when you need a clear head to get the day's work done.

There is a natural way to address seasonal and other allergies, though. The curcumin in turmeric can help reduce allergic symptoms and reduce inflammation caused by allergies. If you don't want to start eating each meal doused in turmeric, taking a quality turmeric supplement is a good alternative. Nutratrek's Turmeric Curcumin & Ginger Gummies are a delicious, healthy option. They are also more affordable than many of the other choices on the market today. Just because we provide a quality product doesn't mean that we think you should have to pay an arm and a leg to afford it. Compare our product to two other leading brands in this table.



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How does turmeric help with allergy relief?

  • Addresses asthma allergies
    Curcumin, which is the polyphenolic phytochemical in turmeric, can modulate your immune system to prevent the release of histamine from your mast cells. Histamine is a compound that triggers the miserable inflammatory response that causes the itching associated with allergies.
  • Calms allergic rhinitis
    Curcumin can also help relieve sneezing, nasal congestion, runny noses, and other symptoms of allergic rhinitis. A study was done on patients with continual allergic rhinitis, and curcumin was found to improve nasal airflow in a period of two months. So if you're taking turmeric for allergies, don't give up if you don't see immediate results — it may take a while to kick in.
  • Helps reduce itching
    A study in mice showed that curcumin is an excellent anti-itching agent. It was able to block the TRPV1 receptor in the sensory neurons of the mice. These are the receptors that are responsible for the painful and burning sensations that come along with allergic itching.
  • Keeps skin healthy
    Turmeric has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These can help to manage a number of skin conditions that can be caused by allergies or other causes. These conditions include atopic dermatitis, acne, alopecia, psoriasis, and vitiligo.


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What is the best turmeric supplement for allergy relief?

One important ingredient in any turmeric supplement is black pepper extract. That's because curcumin, the main active ingredient in turmeric, is not easily absorbed by the body. Black pepper extract improves its absorption by 2,000 times. Nutratrek's Turmeric Curcumin & Ginger Gummies contain 100 mcg black pepper extract, so you can trust its efficacy. Turmeric is a strong spice and not to everyone's liking, so our gummies have been given a delicious natural peach flavor.

Our turmeric supplements are made only from the purest, most potent, plant-based vegan sources which are hand-selected based on extensive research. They are certified non-GMO and vegan. They are hormone-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. You can feel good about taking our supplements as they are all-natural and made in an FDA-registered facility using certified Good Manufacturing Practices.

Where can I get the best turmeric supplement to help with allergies?

If you suffer from seasonal allergies and you don't want to put harsh chemicals into your body, you can trust our all-natural turmeric gummies to help relieve your symptoms. We are so sure you will love them, we offer a risk-free, 30-day guarantee. Order the best turmeric for allergy relief today and say goodbye to itchy eyes and a runny nose for good!


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