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Does Turmeric Help With Headaches?


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In this modern world, people are increasingly turning to centuries-old, natural remedies for common ailments. One of the most popular holistic healing herbs is turmeric and its constituent, curcumin. Turmeric has been used medicinally for thousands of years and has been shown to help with problems like sciatica pain, yeast infections, and even cold and flu symptoms. Recent research has also shown that it can be helpful in fighting certain kinds of headaches and migraines.

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What are the different types of headaches turmeric can help with?

You might be surprised to know how many different ways headaches can be categorized. First, there are primary and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are not caused by an underlying health condition. They are generally indicators that there is a structural issue with the head or neck. Secondary headaches result from underlying conditions such as allergies or hypothyroidism. Relief can be found by addressing these underlying conditions. These types of headaches can point to even more serious conditions and can be accompanied by additional symptoms like a stiff neck, sensory changes, or confusion.

Headaches can be episodic or chronic, depending on the frequency and duration of the occurrence. Episodic headaches happen once in a while and last about half an hour to an hour. Chronic headaches happen on a regular basis and can last for days at a time. Pain management is essential when dealing with chronic headaches.

There are three common types of primary headaches. The first is the migraine, which involves pulsating, throbbing, or debilitating pain, frequently on one side of the head. It may cause sensitivity to sound or light and severe migraines may cause nausea and vomiting. Tension headaches develop gradually in the middle of the day. They cause a dull, aching pain that spreads from the neck to both sides of the head. Cluster headaches occur around one eye or one side of the head and cause piercing or burning pain. They can arise in a series, with each headache lasting from 15 minutes to three hours, several times a day. These can go on for 4-12 weeks.


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How does turmeric provide relief from headaches?

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, seems to regulate a number of the underlying causes of secondary headaches, such as hypothyroidism, hypertension, and allergies. It has also demonstrated an ability to boost the immune system response to reduce inflammation and swelling. Both of these are key to combating headaches and migraines.

A migraine is a neuroinflammatory disorder caused by two enzymes that contribute to neurogenic pain and inflammation in the central nervous system. Curcumin, especially when used with omega-3 fatty acids, has been shown to suppress these enzymes. Subjects in a study who took curcumin combined with omega-3 fatty acids experienced significantly reduced severity, frequency, and duration of headaches.

Research shows that turmeric is able to suppress the production of nitric oxide, which can decrease blood pressure, leading to a severe headache. This suggests that taking turmeric on a daily basis can be effective at managing pain and preventing both chronic and episodic headaches.

What is the best turmeric supplement to help with headaches?

Nutratrek's Turmeric Curcumin Ginger Gummies are the best turmeric supplement on the market today. They include black pepper extract, which optimizes the nutrients for optimal uptake. They are also a responsible choice. They are certified non-GMO, cruelty-free, hormone-free, and vegan-friendly. They are all-natural and created in an FDA-registered lab using certified Good Manufacturing Practices for your health and safety.

Our product comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk to try it. Order the best turmeric and curcumin supplement online today and say goodbye to headaches of all kinds!


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